Tuesday, September 29, 2015

War Report: Sol Invicta Mining

Back at It
I've been out of the game for awhile. Those of you who know me know that when last I blogged I had been running the wardec arm of CODEdot, and that I had vowed to destroy Brave Newbies Inc. Well, things didn't go according to plan exactly. My computer died and I couldn't justify spending the money to fix it right off, so I unsubbed and spent most of this year focusing on events taking place out-of-game.

Well, now I'm back. My corp looks to have been removed from CODEdot due to inactivity, which is fine. I have great admiration for the good works that CODEdot does, but I had found that running wardecs from within the alliance was less fun for me than running them from the outside. I also noted that although I had dropped the ball on destroying BNI, Pandemic Legion and Black Legion seem to have stepped up and done the job for me. My thanks to all the pilots involved - BRAVE was a cancer that needed to be rooted out at all costs. I take full credit for having proposed the idea. That the dregs of the alliance live on in a sort of walking death does not trouble me. For all intents and purposes BNI is destroyed, due in full to my heroic blogging.

Getting to work
It's clear that a lot of things I don't yet fully understand have happened while I was away. This was by far the longest break I've taken from the game since I started. After every long break I feel like a disoriented newbie when I return, but never more so than I do right now - PvP instincts gone right to shit, overview all outdated, not sure what to do with myself. I'm thinking that soon I'll move back out to low/null for a change of flavor and a chance to get back to my roots, but for now I'm picking up right where I left off - wardeccing carebears in highsec for fun and profit.

I decided to kick things off with a war against Sol Invicta Mining, a 33 man mining corp based in Bahromab, a convenient 3 jumps from Amarr. They had never been wardecced before. Marmite decced them the same day I did but apparently came to some arrangement and dropped their wardec the first day after 1 kill.

Usually I investigate my targets a bit and give them a day or so to come into compliance with the Code before I declare war, but on this occasion I had a strong hunch that they were Code violators and I was eager to start shooting them, so I put the wardec in and then contacted them, sending a mail to all of their known members.

Then I went to bed. Twenty-four hours later I started hunting. When the war went live they had 8 or 9 pilots in their home system local. My spies reported three Retrievers in an asteroid belt, watched over by one of their veteran members in a Vagabond and a newer player in a Thorax. There were a couple more in space that I didn't have eyes on.

First contact
I happened to be flying a Federation Navy Comet when I resubbed, so that is what I took. I first flew it to Amarr so I could be somewhere convenient while I formulated a plan. While I was there one war target turned up in Emperor Family Academy. I undocked and shortly after caught him trying to leave in a Magnate and killed him with his pod.

After this my eyes reported three war targets, including the Vagabond and Thorax, rapidly exiting Bahromab in the direction of Amarr. The report also stated that the Retrievers were still in belt unguarded. I seized the opportunity and ran for Bahromab as fast as my Comet could jump. I passed the enemy defense fleet en route and sped towards the miners in belt, hoping that I would have time to kill a Retriever before that Vagabond could get turned around. The plan worked.

The Vaga returned as I was celebrating my victory in local chat. He chased me around the system for a little while but I wasn't going to engage him in a Comet, so I just focused my efforts into trying to make him feel as frustrated and ineffectual as possible. After a bit of this I called it a night.

First Battle of Bahromab
The next morning I returned to see what my targets were up to. Four of them were docked in their home station, so I taunted them for awhile. A Caracal and a Drake soon undocked and aggressed my Comet on the undock. I quickly took the Caracal down and started chipping away at the shields on the Drake with my blasters while my drones made short work of his Hobgoblin 1s. Just as his shields were beginning to fail a second Caracal undocked and tried to rescue his mate. I finished the Drake off quickly and then took him down too, and his pod. It happened to be the same pilot I had killed in the Magnate the night before, so I ended up with not one, but two of his frozen corpses to add to my collection. Here's the battle report.

Again I celebrated my heroic victory in local and attempted to educate them on the Code, but they refused to engage in civilized conversation.

Shortly after this battle I began to search for some of their other members who remained unaccounted for. While I was working on this, I received a request for a private conversation from Sol Invicta's CEO, Soul LionHeart Orlenard.

[ 2015.09.28 17:12:41 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > do you wanna stop taunting my members?
[ 2015.09.28 17:12:50 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > hmm
[ 2015.09.28 17:12:56 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > that's one way to go
[ 2015.09.28 17:12:59 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > or...
[ 2015.09.28 17:13:05 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > you could surrender
[ 2015.09.28 17:13:15 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > surrender? to what CODE?
[ 2015.09.28 17:13:23 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > that bullshit set of rules
[ 2015.09.28 17:13:36 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > that makes it near impossible for a noob alliance to get anywhere?
[ 2015.09.28 17:13:36 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > buy mining permits for all members and agree to obey the code
[ 2015.09.28 17:13:50 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > plus enforcement fees of course
[ 2015.09.28 17:13:54 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > fuck off am i paying 370 mil for mining permits
[ 2015.09.28 17:14:07 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > especially when i know damn well theres alts that will attack us
[ 2015.09.28 17:14:10 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > it's the right thing to do
[ 2015.09.28 17:14:16 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > it isnt the right thing to do
[ 2015.09.28 17:14:18 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > its blackmail
[ 2015.09.28 17:14:23 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > its not fun
[ 2015.09.28 17:14:31 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > see www.minerbumping.com for details
[ 2015.09.28 17:14:36 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > :D
[ 2015.09.28 17:14:41 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > its always gonna end up coming out of my own fucking pocket
[ 2015.09.28 17:14:45 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > there is another way, of course
[ 2015.09.28 17:14:55 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > the code only applies in highsec
[ 2015.09.28 17:15:00 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > of course
[ 2015.09.28 17:15:04 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > im well aware of this
[ 2015.09.28 17:15:17 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > move your entire corp permanantly out of highsec and you'll be out of our jurisdiction
[ 2015.09.28 17:15:19 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > but in low sec we arent protected
[ 2015.09.28 17:15:24 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > so its free reign
[ 2015.09.28 17:15:32 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > i applaud the cleverness of code
[ 2015.09.28 17:15:34 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > you aren't protected here either, obviously
[ 2015.09.28 17:15:41 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > but you know what its fucking me off
[ 2015.09.28 17:16:07 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > you taking away the freedom of players who want to enjoy the game
[ 2015.09.28 17:16:09 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > the war will continue until *you* bring it to an end
[ 2015.09.28 17:16:32 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > i'm happy to do this for months on end
[ 2015.09.28 17:16:39 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > so the choice is yours
[ 2015.09.28 17:16:42 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > im sure you are
[ 2015.09.28 17:16:48 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > but for what?
[ 2015.09.28 17:16:53 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > fun
[ 2015.09.28 17:16:54 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > what do you gain?
[ 2015.09.28 17:17:02 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > amazing
[ 2015.09.28 17:17:07 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > it's a video game, fun is it's own reward
[ 2015.09.28 17:17:11 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > couldnt you do this in low sec?
[ 2015.09.28 17:17:23 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > nah more fun in highsec
[ 2015.09.28 17:17:28 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > instead of blackmailing corps
[ 2015.09.28 17:17:38 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > you think we have the 50 mil maintenence a week?
[ 2015.09.28 17:18:04 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > 200 mil a month on top of the base mining permit
[ 2015.09.28 17:18:18 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > that's just if the war continues
[ 2015.09.28 17:18:19 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > i have to ask my players to put their hands in their pockets
[ 2015.09.28 17:18:24 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > for the pleasure of other corps
[ 2015.09.28 17:18:26 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > end it early and you pay less

[ 2015.09.28 17:19:35 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > it's a pittance really, you could make that in an hour trading
[ 2015.09.28 17:19:44 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > congrats
[ 2015.09.28 17:19:49 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > guess what
[ 2015.09.28 17:19:51 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > we arent traders
[ 2015.09.28 17:19:59 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > we're miners
[ 2015.09.28 17:20:18 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > or just ask your verteran guys, i'm sure some of them have many billions in their wallets
[ 2015.09.28 17:20:51 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > once again
[ 2015.09.28 17:20:53 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > money
[ 2015.09.28 17:20:55 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > money
[ 2015.09.28 17:20:57 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > money
[ 2015.09.28 17:21:00 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > all you think about
[ 2015.09.28 17:21:03 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > killing and money
[ 2015.09.28 17:21:09 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > or wardec some other corp and get them to pay you so you can pay me
[ 2015.09.28 17:21:09 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > were you not a new player once?
[ 2015.09.28 17:21:15 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > i still am
[ 2015.09.28 17:21:32 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > or how about this
[ 2015.09.28 17:21:48 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > if you guys manage to pod me once i'll give it up
[ 2015.09.28 17:22:04 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > that's fair, right?
[ 2015.09.28 17:22:35 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > sure is
[ 2015.09.28 17:22:58 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > excellent
[ 2015.09.28 17:23:08 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > i have to warn you though
[ 2015.09.28 17:23:22 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > it's said that Code agents can't be defeated in battle
[ 2015.09.28 17:23:53 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > uh huh
[ 2015.09.28 17:25:08 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > i will also accept assets worth 370 mil in trade
[ 2015.09.28 17:25:19 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > see, you have lots of options

The Second Battle of Bahromab
My suggestion that I might end the war if they succeeded in podding me seemed to have motivated Soul Lionheart. I was docked in the enemy base during this time, and I soon began to see a mounting number of flashy reds in local. Soon there were eight of them, with only 2 docked. I undocked and saw a Drake, a Caracal, a Cormorant, and a Gila flown by none other than Soul LionHeart himself sitting on the undock. This is the moment where I learned just how badly my PvP instincts had suffered during my time away from the game.

I went for a frontal assault first in my Comet. I orbited the Gila at 500 and gave it everything I had. Unfortunately, I forgot a few things, like that I should turn my Damage Control on or that I should maybe use the Small Armor Repairors that I had fitted. Unfortunately, my Comet fell to the hated enemies of highsec.

A lesser man might have given up the fight at this point, but as an Agent of the New Order, I could not allow the forces of darkness to prevail. Besides, I really wanted to kill that Gila, and I was convinced I could do it in a Comet. So off I ran to Amarr to reship, and I came back ready to give it another try.

This time when I came back there was the Caracal and Drake sitting right on the undock, and the Gila was 60 km out. I positioned myself so that the Gila was in between me and the other ships and tried to lure him even further away from them. It wasn't working, though, so I moved in and attacked. I figured with my DC and armor repairers running I could tank the incoming damage, so I ignored the drones that were buzzing around and poured all my dps on the Gila. It became a tough, drawn out brawl, with the Sol Invicta fleet unable to break my active tank, while I slowly ground down the Gila's shields. We fought like that for what seemed like about 15-20 minutes, me firing my blasters, reloading, firing them again, pulsing my reppers, occasionally feeding my Comet cap booster charges. At some point they thought to kill off my drones but I was still doing okay. Finally I ran out of cap boosters and had to disengage. I started aligning and spamming the warp button. I was in structure and just about to enter warp...and then my shitty computer dropped power and shut down.

This was my only moment of true panic - I was certain that they were going to pod me as I frantically rebooted my machine and logged back in. I had opened my big mouth and told Soul LionHeart that I would drop the war if he podded me, not believing that he could ever pull it off in highsec and now I was facing the likelihood that the impossible had indeed happened. Imagine my relief when I logged in and found myself in my Comet at 30% hull but safely away from the fight. Oh yeah, carebears don't generally use warp disruptors. I should have remembered.

I wasn't done though, not yet. I still wanted to kill that Gila. I made a quick run for more drones and ammo, and came back for more. A few Sol Invicta pilots had started logging off by now, some 2 hours into the running battle on the station, and when I came back the Drake pilot was still in local, but the Gila was all alone 50 km from the station. I went in and gave it another try. This time I focused on killing off his light drones first before he could use them to kill mine. The Integrated Vespas that he had left couldn't seem to hit me, and his missiles were doing light enough damage that I could slowly repair them without worrying my capacitor at all. I was winning. Then as his shields dropped down below 25% suddenly the Drake warped in and sicced his Warriors on me. I took enough damage fast enough that I decided to warp off again and regroup.

The battle still wasn't over. After I resupplied and returned, I found the Caracal and Thorax had returned and joined the enemy forces, along with a Cormorant. I tried a new strategy - circle slowly in on them from range until one of them set his drones on me, kill the drones, then repeat until they were out of drones and low on ammunition. Then I planned to move in for the kill. I killed off a few drones like this, but they seemed to get wise. I started thinking that maybe if I moved in and took a more conventional approach - killing the squishier ships first and then moving on to the Gila after the field was cleared, I might stand a better chance. I spiraled in and set my orbit on the Cormorant, only to discover to my disappointment that at some point during the evening, Sol Invicta had discovered Stasis Webifiers and Warp Disruptors.. Frankly, I had forgotten about webs during my months away. I was slowed to a crawl and lost another Comet with nothing to show for it.

I still wasn't finished though. I wanted that Gila bad. I hopped quickly over to Amarr and assessed my options. The Comet wasn't doing the job, time for a change of plans. I looked over my skills and relearned how specialized my PvP main had been trained. He couldn't fly shit, actually. I was hoping that my training plan for a Proteus had completed itself during my idle months, but apparently not. I could fly some frigates, maybe a Thrasher, and nothing else. A Daredevil appeared to be my best option so I went with it, although it was only marginally better suited to the fight than the Comet. First time I ever flew a Daredevil on any character actually.

Back in Bahromab, the whole crew was still waiting for me. I flew circles around them, appreciating the handling of my new ride and the satisfying thump of their missiles ineffectually hitting me. I took a few screenshots. Missiles look cool. There were still too many light drones buzzing around for comfort though. I tried for another half hour to spread them out, or draw their drones away and kill them, but it was no use. They weren't falling into my traps. Then my wife started calling so I docked up in their HQ and went afk for the rest of the night. This was when they finally broke their local chat code of silence.

[ 2015.09.28 21:55:42 ] Samalya > well hello there Syeed
[ 2015.09.28 21:55:46 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > should i tell ou...
[ 2015.09.28 21:55:47 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > Samalya o/
[ 2015.09.28 21:55:50 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > no i wont tell you
[ 2015.09.28 21:56:58 ] Syeed Ameer Ali > brb
[ 2015.09.28 22:01:45 ] Sir Wolfy > hello mudda, hello fadda.
[ 2015.09.28 22:02:03 ] Sir Wolfy > Here I am at, camp grenada
[ 2015.09.28 22:03:18 ] Sir Wolfy > come on! don't you know this song!?
[ 2015.09.28 22:03:57 ] Sir Wolfy > ur boring.
[ 2015.09.28 22:07:57 ] Sir Wolfy > Now you are like, REALLY Boring
[ 2015.09.28 22:08:02 ] Sir Wolfy > Seriously.
[ 2015.09.28 22:09:06 ] Samalya > Syeed Ameer Ali > i've managed to keep you fellows from violating the code for a couple of hours so victory is mine ;D <--- not really, i don't mine i can do this all day long
[ 2015.09.28 22:09:57 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > reminds me of hunting combat sites
[ 2015.09.28 22:10:06 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > half the time hey're bullshit
[ 2015.09.28 22:10:50 ] lior bers > maybe went to the bathroom? needed some refreshing?
[ 2015.09.28 22:11:17 ] lior bers > or eating a meal
[ 2015.09.28 22:14:18 ] Sir Wolfy > Syeed Ameer Ali why do you have to be so boring?
[ 2015.09.28 22:14:33 ] Sir Wolfy > cum play with us.
[ 2015.09.28 22:14:35 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > zzzzzz
[ 2015.09.28 22:16:03 ] lior bers > Syeed you are AFK you are breaking your own code
[ 2015.09.28 22:16:18 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > AFK MINING
[ 2015.09.28 22:16:25 ] Sir Wolfy > YEAH YOU FUCKING HERITIC!!
[ 2015.09.28 22:16:31 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > DOWN WITH CODE
[ 2015.09.28 22:16:35 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > DOWN WITH CODE
[ 2015.09.28 22:16:46 ] Sir Wolfy > DOWN WITH THE CODE!!!
[ 2015.09.28 22:17:05 ] Sir Wolfy > PUT IT RIGHT UP YOUR ASS AND MAKE YOU SPIN!!!
[ 2015.09.28 22:17:42 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > CODE ARE FOR THE WEAK
[ 2015.09.28 22:18:14 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > AND WE WONT SLEEP TILL YOUR ALL FUCKING DEAD
[ 2015.09.28 22:18:15 ] Sir Wolfy > ONLY ASS PRIRATES FOLLOW THE CODE!!!
[ 2015.09.28 22:20:03 ] Sir Wolfy > If you were going to be afk, you could have at least undocked., I want aa free daredevil!
[ 2015.09.28 22:20:31 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > guys maybe we've banished the demon that is code
[ 2015.09.28 22:20:35 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > maybe we're finally free
[ 2015.09.28 22:20:55 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > maybe we can finally mine for dat sweet sweet scordite
[ 2015.09.28 22:21:34 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > whoooooooooo
[ 2015.09.28 22:22:05 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > flew in a comet all through space and time
[ 2015.09.28 22:22:15 ] Sir Wolfy > AFK mine every day!
[ 2015.09.28 22:22:17 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > SYEED AMEER ALI
[ 2015.09.28 22:22:35 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > he keeps getting killed now he hiding from thee
[ 2015.09.28 22:22:41 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > SYEED AMEER ALI
[ 2015.09.28 22:23:10 ] Sir Wolfy > cum with us! and we can afk mine all day every day!
[ 2015.09.28 22:23:21 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > DONT STOP
[ 2015.09.28 22:23:24 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > RESPAWNING
[ 2015.09.28 22:23:42 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > HOLD ONTO YOUR FEELINGS
[ 2015.09.28 22:23:56 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > WE WILL, CONTINUE TO FIGHTTTTT
[ 2015.09.28 22:24:22 ] Sir Wolfy > hey, Syeed.
[ 2015.09.28 22:24:33 ] Sir Wolfy > Wana know a secret?
[ 2015.09.28 22:24:46 ] Sir Wolfy > Well do ya?
[ 2015.09.28 22:24:59 ] Sir Wolfy > Well, fuck you then
[ 2015.09.28 22:25:01 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > MY GILA BRINGS ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD
[ 2015.09.28 22:25:03 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > THATS RIGHT
[ 2015.09.28 22:25:08 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > ITS BIGGER THAN YOURS
[ 2015.09.28 22:25:10 ] Sir Wolfy > Guess you don't get to know
[ 2015.09.28 22:25:10 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > DAMN RIGHT
[ 2015.09.28 22:25:14 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > ITS BETTER THAN YOURS
[ 2015.09.28 22:25:18 ] Sir Wolfy > Fucking bitch.
[ 2015.09.28 22:25:29 ] Sir Wolfy > I CAN TEACH YOU
[ 2015.09.28 22:25:31 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > MY GILA IS A FUCKING WZARD
[ 2015.09.28 22:25:37 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > DAMN RIGHT ITS GONNA KILL YA
[ 2015.09.28 22:25:53 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > DAMN RIGHT YOU MOFOING HEARD
[ 2015.09.28 22:26:09 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > im so fucking bored right now
[ 2015.09.28 22:26:18 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > im just sitting here flying around
[ 2015.09.28 22:26:21 ] Sir Wolfy > Let go mining!
[ 2015.09.28 22:26:29 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > please undock our dear friend syeed
[ 2015.09.28 22:26:38 ] Sir Wolfy > AFK MINING!!!
[ 2015.09.28 22:26:40 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > so i can shove a rocket between your buttcheeks
[ 2015.09.28 22:26:54 ] lior bers > im getting my Retriever out
[ 2015.09.28 22:27:02 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > guys
[ 2015.09.28 22:27:06 ] Sir Wolfy > yey mining!
[ 2015.09.28 22:27:08 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > lets go mine in high sec :o
[ 2015.09.28 22:27:19 ] Sir Wolfy > So exciting!
[ 2015.09.28 22:27:45 ] Katara Hope > i think im gonna go mine without a permit and go AFK
[ 2015.09.28 22:27:55 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > too right
[ 2015.09.28 22:27:58 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > remember those bots
[ 2015.09.28 22:28:05 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > you know those ones that we never had
[ 2015.09.28 22:28:08 ] Sir Wolfy > Make sure to auto pilot to amarr!
[ 2015.09.28 22:28:12 ] Katara Hope > ohhhhh yeah
[ 2015.09.28 22:28:25 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > and dont forget to buy a permit
[ 2015.09.28 22:28:26 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > i mean
[ 2015.09.28 22:28:29 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > do forget!!!
[ 2015.09.28 22:28:33 ] Katara Hope > of course
[ 2015.09.28 22:29:29 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > ive just thought
[ 2015.09.28 22:30:12 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > SYEED HAVE YOU PAYED FOR A MINING PERMIT!!!
[ 2015.09.28 22:30:30 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > I HAVE FOUND YOU UNDER VIOLATION OF SOL INVICTAS MINING CODE
[ 2015.09.28 22:30:39 ] Sir Wolfy > Syeed Ameer Ali HAVE YOU PAID FOR A DOCKING PERMIT!!!
[ 2015.09.28 22:30:42 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > KILLING PLAYERS WHO ARE WAR TARGETS
[ 2015.09.28 22:30:55 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > FOR THIS YOU MUST PAY A FINE OF 1 BILLION DOLLARS
[ 2015.09.28 22:31:09 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > OR HELL BE CURSED UPON YOU
[ 2015.09.28 22:31:25 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > BY THE LAW OF HIS ALMIGHTY WOLFY
[ 2015.09.28 22:31:36 ] Sir Wolfy > Damn straight.
[ 2015.09.28 22:31:59 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > YOU ARE SENTENCED TO LIFE IN NEW EDEN METROPOLITAN ASYLUM
[ 2015.09.28 22:32:08 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > FOR CRIMES AGAINST STATIONS AND SHIPS ALIKE
[ 2015.09.28 22:32:31 ] Sir Wolfy > Where you will become big bubba's bitch!
[ 2015.09.28 22:33:07 ] Sir Wolfy > He will bend you over, and he will fuck you. Hard.
[ 2015.09.28 22:33:20 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > NOT BIG BUBBA
[ 2015.09.28 22:33:25 ] Sir Wolfy > And that is just not right, for your ass.
[ 2015.09.28 22:33:28 ] Soul LionHeart Orlenard > HE SCARES THE SHIT OUTTA ME
[ 2015.09.28 22:33:59 ] Sir Wolfy > So pay up for your crimes, or become big bubba's newest wife.
[ 2015.09.28 22:35:30 ] Sir Wolfy > tisk tisk syeed.
[ 2015.09.28 22:35:49 ] Sir Wolfy > You are going to be big bubba's new boy toy now!

For a moment I thought that the Second Battle of Bahromab was a total loss. Then I realized that I had effectively prevented Sol Invicta from violating the Code all evening long right up until the point where I left them to their own devices, in fact I had gotten a bunch of miners out PvPing and even given them their first taste of blood. Therefore I declare the battle to have been yet another total victory for the New Order of Highsec. Long live James 315!

A most valuable Executioner
The next day I logged on early. There were two guys logged in from Sol Invicta. I began to run locates on one of them and my spies spotted another zipping around the area in an Executioner. My first instinct was to leave the frigate alone until my locate came back, not to tip them off that I was active for a mere Executioner when the possibility of killing a mining barge or mission boat was still there. Finally the locate came back that the other guy was some 20+ jumps away, so I decided that fuck it, I'd chase the Executioner. I made a couple of jumps and caught him soon on a gate in Amarr and killed and podded him without any resistance worth mentioning. The loot fairy was kind, dropping an Imperial Navy Tachyon Beam Laser worth enough to cover my losses and the war fees for the week. Note to self - always kill people zipping around in fast frigates, they may be trying to be clever with their valuable cargoes.

What's next?
Will Sol Invicta Mining accept the Code and buy mining permits? Will they continue to resist the lawful authorities of highsec? Will they move out of New Order jurisdiction? I cannot answer these questions yet, but I can tell you that these guys are pretty fun war targets, and I have no intention of letting the war end without good reason.