Tuesday, November 18, 2014

War Stories

The CODE wardec initiative continues to grow. It seems like we have friends everywhere who have been waiting for something like this to come along and are eager to enlist. Some of them are alts who just want to spend a little happy funtime purging highsec when they aren't occupied by other things, but I don't mind. We're all about spreading the love here in the New Order of Highsec, even alts are welcome. Here are a few more stories from the front.

Mission runners need mining permits too
While mission running may not be specifically mentioned in the Code (more learned scholars than I may know of a passage that I have overlooked), it is unquestionably a filthy bot-aspirant activity. Mission runners obviously need to have a mining permit and be at the keyboard at all times, or they too will be subject to enforcement. The practice of excessively running missions is particularly repugnant - there are actually individuals who will run the same missions over and over, all day every day.

Anyhow, when one of our intelligence operatives reported a war target running missions in a Machariel with the encouraging name "Maserati", we knew that we had to take action. Several of us dropped what we were doing and made our way to the system.

We had the criminal probed down in his mission pocket, and then I, as the fastest tackler in the group with my Slasher, warped in to attempt to catch him. Unfortunately, he was several rooms deep in his mission. As I made my way painfully from acceleration gate to acceleration gate, he noticed me in local and was able to escape and dock up.

Undeterred, we blapped a couple of his mobile tractor units and then left the system, spreading out to cover the other sides of all the exit gates. Sure enough, the target saw that we were no longer in local and figured he was in the clear, so he undocked his Maserati and headed back to his home system of Gekutami.

I was waiting for him on gate and quickly landed point. He foolishly aggressed me with his drones, and I spent a minute shooting them down while orbiting him, until my comrades could arrive and put him out of his misery. The loot fairy was ... unkind. But we still managed at least to recoup our fees for about 4 more weeks of war.

Маленькая корпорация для новичков и не только!
So we wardecced some Russians. The dec was still fresh and we hadn't acted on it yet, so I figured I'd take a look at their home system. Sure enough, there was a Skiff mining in an asteroid belt, and 6 other guys docked up.

I was a little unsure of taking out the skiff solo with a Slasher, and it was too early on a weekday for any of my corpmates to be on. Sure, my sig radius is tiny and I'm fast, but he could potentially have lots of light drones and who knows what his corpmates might bring to the fight if they undock. So in spite of not having the skills to fit T2 light blasters yet, I decided to try my luck with an Incursus. Dual reps, cap boosters, meta ion blasters.

I arrived in system and warped to the belt. where I landed scrams on the Skiff. There was a war target Venture there which I ignored, and he quickly fled the scene. I pounded on the Skiff for five minutes or so, keeping a close eye on short range dscan. He launched a flight of Valkyrie Is, which I killed. I convoed the pilot and offered to let him go for a 100 mil ransom, but he wasn't interested.

A WT Corax landed on grid at 80 km range. I kept an eye on him, but for the moment he held off. A Rifter then landed at 0. I kept point on the Skiff and switched dps to the Rifter. He dented my armor a bit and I repaired it, but soon he was in structure and warped off to save himself. The Corax then approached to close range. I did the same to him, and soon he too was fleeing the belt. Then I turned my attention back to the Skiff.

About the time that he was in low armor, an Oracle warped in. I debated for a moment, then decided to let the Skiff go and get a tight orbit on the tier 3 battlecruiser. In hindsight I think that I could have finished off the Skiff, since the Oracle was at such close range he was unlikely to land a hit anyway. Sadly, the Skiff warped off, but I soon had the Oracle in armor. The Rifter and Corax came back and had another go at me, this time together. The Corax again warped away to save his skin, but the Rifter pilot bravely decided to go down fighting.

As the Oracle was entering structure, Skiff-guy came back with a Navy Scorpion, landing at 15 km range. I weighed my options again, and decided to overheat my guns and take down the battlecruiser.

When he popped I then set a close orbit and scrammed the Scorp. I didn't have any serious thoughts about killing him at the time, but I figured that I had already made a fair trade with an Incursus for a Rifter and Oracle, so I might as well stick around and see what could happen. The Scorpion did not launch any drones and his missiles proved ineffective against me, although I quite enjoyed the satisfying thump when they went off. Surprisingly soon he was in low shields and I began to believe a little bit.

That was when their entire corp arrived. In addition to the Navy Scorpion, there was a Navy Vexor, the Corax, a Thrasher, and some random guy in a shuttle who apparently didn't have a PvP ship but wanted to watch the fight.

I knew then that I wasn't getting the Scorpion, so I switched targets to the Navy Vexor. I tore through his shields and dug deep into his armor, but my two reppers and cap booster were cycling nonstop to deal with the incoming damage. After a few minutes I ran out of cap booster charges and was forced to disengage in 80% structure. I gave them a 'gf' in local and ran off to resupply.

That's all for today! The Code always wins!

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