Thursday, June 19, 2014

Victory in Everyshore

Celebrating the liberation of Everyshore from rebel forces
Immediately following the Battle of Bereye, the wars between my enemies, Lunar Shadow Mining and Freight, and my allies, Molestation Nation and Gypsy Queens went live. I noted that Gypsy Queens had immediate success taking out a faction fit Megathron Navy Issue before opting to end the war early for reasons of their own.

Later that evening I was able to log on and inspect the belts of Bereye. I noted with some disappointment that one of their pilots, Vaatia915, was mining illegally in a Venture. I made an attempt to kill him and failed, as he was, to his credit, aware of his surroundings and warped out as I arrived at the belt. A certain amount of cat-and-mouse style maneuvering ensued. After a few moments, Vaatia re-appeared and engaged me in single combat with a Merlin. Again I was impressed with his courage. Of course, I won. As everyone knows by now, Code agents literally cannot be defeated in battle, so the result was a foregone conclusion. Still, he tried, and that definitely counts for something.

As I was fighting Vaatia, one of his corpmates showed up in a shuttle, perhaps merely to spectate, and was also subsequently destroyed. After that I found that everyone was docked up. Despite my distaste for station camping, I redeployed my reinforced mobile depot and then sat for a few moments on the undock in my Navy Hurricane while I sized up the situation. There was a lot of coming and going in shuttles that I couldn't make sense of. At one point a LSMF pilot undocked in a Mammoth and I destroyed it in two volleys.

The Second Battle of Bereye

At that point I received a convo from my ally, Scorpion Venom1 of Molestation Nation.

[ 2014.06.14 00:26:58 ] Scorpion Venom1 > hello
[ 2014.06.14 00:26:58 ] Kalim Dabo > o/
[ 2014.06.14 00:27:05 ] Scorpion Venom1 > playing with them already?
[ 2014.06.14 00:27:20 ] Kalim Dabo > yeah, i had to
[ 2014.06.14 00:27:25 ] Scorpion Venom1 > lol
[ 2014.06.14 00:27:31 ] Scorpion Venom1 > i have my alt there
[ 2014.06.14 00:27:43 ] Kalim Dabo > cool
[ 2014.06.14 00:27:58 ] Scorpion Venom1 > mind letting me take over for a while?
[ 2014.06.14 00:28:07 ] Kalim Dabo > sure, go ahead
[ 2014.06.14 00:28:11 ] Scorpion Venom1 > ♥

As everyone knows, I am kind to a fault, and always willing to help a friend. So I left the system and let Scorpion take over the war while I worked on my last blog post. He doesn't know this yet, but I kept a cloaky alt in the system, and happened to alt-tab over to check what was happening just as the second Battle of Bereye began.

Scorpion was monitoring the undock of LSMF HQ in a Megathron and chatting with their members in local when Ryan Hiri undocked in a Vexor. He quickly came under fire, but then a second Vexor undocked, and a Catalyst, and two Drakes. Ryan Hiri died in a ball of fire, then one of the Drakes quickly followed suit. The other Drake was tanked like a brick and absorbed volley after volley. Scorpion cycled his microwarpdrive and rammed it off the station undock to prevent it from de-aggressing and seeking refuge in station, then burned it to the ground. The second Vexor and Catalyst died soon after. Vaatia915 decided to wear his balls on the outside that day and reshipped to a second Catalyst, and died again, but did so with unquestionable honor. Again the invincibility of Agents of the Code was proved on the field of battle.

After the battle, Molestation Nation also caught a deadspace fit Rattlesnake in neighboring Aice, apparently running missions afk, resulting in the most valuable kill of the war.

Efforts at diplomacy
I figured at this point that LSMF had maybe had enough and were willing to seek an end to the conflict. I actually had been remarkably impressed by their willingness to undock and fight time after time in spite of crippling losses, and sensed a great potential in them to rise beyond their bot-aspirant origins. And so I reached out to their CEO of the moment, Aeris Nardieu, presumably the alt of the founder, Kirisaku Nardieu, who had recently dropped corp.

From: Kalim Dabo
Sent: 2014.06.17 00:46
To: Aeris Nardieu,  Scorpion Venom1

Mr. Nardieu,

War fees for the next week are due tomorrow. As I have said, I intend to continue the conflict until your corporation achieves 100% Code-compliance. There are two ways that you could go about this.

1. You purchase mining permits for your entire corporation at a rate of 10 million isk per member. Since you have lost a number of members, your total currently stands at 460 million isk. You would also have to agree to obey all other provisions of the Code while in highsec and to educate your members to do the same. Again, you can read the full text of the Code at

2. You agree to leave highsec. The Code only applies to those who live in New Order space. If you decide to remove your corporation from highsec in the immediate future, I will respect that decision and end hostilities.

Failure to choose one of these two options will result in the inevitable destruction of your corporation. I will continue to bloody your members until one by one they walk away and join other corporations. I have all the skill and patience required to make sure that this happens.

On a positive note, I have been impressed somewhat by the fighting spirit of your members. They show potential to become great EVE players. In light of this, I am willing to negotiate somewhat on the mining permit fees, if you are willing to contact me and discuss the matter.

Have a lovely day,

Code Agent Kalim Dabo

The "powerful friends in null sec"
Shortly before I wardecced LSMF, I noticed an interesting thread on the official EVE Online forums, in New Citizens Q&A. The gist of the OP was that a semi-new character was butthurt about all the perceived "griefing" that was going on in high sec, and he felt that there should be "instances" in which a player could complete a mission or other PVE situation without random jagoffs being able to interfere or attempt to blap him. He was trying to sell that blatant pro-carebear-propaganda as if it were advice for new players. When a long line of people showed up to explain that the issues that he had with EVE were exactly the things that make this MMO unique and special, he dismissed everybody as trolls.

For that I wardecced his corporation, called "Armilies corporation [ARMIL]" more to make a statement than out of any actual inclination to hunt him down. My playtime, after all, is limited.

Anyway, while my war with LSMF was going on, I started to receive correspondence from the CEO of ARMIL. It seemed that he had assumed the mantle of white-knight and was out to save LSMF.

Dear Kalim Dabo
From: Ro Fenrios
Sent: 2014.06.17 16:44
To: Armilies corporation, Kalim Dabo,  Vaatia915,  

Almost full week has now passed since you wardecced my corporation, presumingly in error believing we would be small high sec corporation afraid to engage an older character with with just scary image and supposingly impressive killboard.

I have to admit that at very first I was expecting serious fights, and I told my members to prepare, read your blog and study your killboard, never to fly alone but then, after almost week, what have you thrown at us? Nothing.

You are not taking this offender part in our war very seriously and I dont think it is merely the distance between us. You have been very active in your war against Lunar Shadow Mining And Freight and sadly it has been our fleets that have been forced to jump the horrid 20+ systems looking for fight. In last 3 days we have been sitting at Bereye I have found you sadly absent. it appears as of very late you have only appeared to stroke your monument of "heroic battle" every time after we have shot it to reinforce.

The fact that you wardecced me and made me do all that work and preparations for nothing was insulting enough, but now that I have been reading your blog and following your doings, I have thruly become motivated to work against you. In addition I have made certain entities aware of your doings and especially aware of the troubles you have caused to LSMF. I have already ensured that Lunar shadow will recieve proper protection from the likes of you and have invited this young, promising corp closer to our territorial space in amarr low sec.

My decision power in the alliance which I am associated with is next to none at best - but would I have decision power in my hands, I would have had your ass wardecced by the entirety of it long ago - not because of you deccing us, but because what you have done to LSMF.

Our war still has few good hours left before it will end. I will request permission from my superiors to declear it mutual or have a right to help Lunar shadow's war effort through their request of assist. Whatever way this goes, I will make sure LSMF does not have to agree to anything you say anymore. I will make them realize how irrelavant little imp you are compared to real demons that dwell deep in the low sec and null.

I will give them chance that everyone deserves to have. Armilies was once in same position as Lunar shadows, and we were given chance by the groups we work with these days.

I strongly advice to leave you LSMF alone, but then again, I doupt you ego will allow that. I repeat what I have told you several times now. We're at war. Contribute to the war you started, or do not wardec at all. I have seen already through that image you attempt to keep and behind that mask is nothing impressive. I hope you get my point.

CEO of Armilies corporation.

Copying this message forth.
::Here is some background for you "real demons" to read::

Will explain my anger I believe.

My reply:

Re: Dear Kalim Dabo
From: Kalim Dabo
Sent: 2014.06.17 16:55
To: Ro Fenrios,  Vaatia915,  

Be careful, Ro! You are treading dangerously close to violating the New Halaima Code of Conduct. Needless to say, the consequences of that can be dire. I was just going to let our war expire, since I only declared it to troll one of your members on the forums, but now I think honor dictates that I continue it.

Shortly after:

Re: Re: Dear Kalim Dabo
From: Ro Fenrios
Sent: 2014.06.17 17:50
To: Kalim Dabo,  Vaatia915,  

Mister Kalim.

Your sense of honor is very twisted at best, but I again repeat this. I would very much appriciate it if at least some point during our war you could put up some sort of fight. I have been so very deeply disappointed at your previous lack of effort. Do you understand what I say? If you wardecced us just to troll our member, then I must say that was rather big failure on your part. Perhaps proper background check would had been wise thing to do? What did you expect to happen?

I have not read the New Halaima Code of Conduct, but I believe it does not apply in low sec or null, especially in sov space that we own. If you can, could you please show on paper where did evil Ro violate your code?

In meantime while you ponder if to or if not to wardec me again, I shall tell you that our fleet is going fly into Bereye today. We're going to take the LSMF members that are willing to join us into fleet and then we go practice a little bit. Either with you or if you do not show up, somewhere in low sec, where you can find actual PVP. Depending on their preference, I will also intorduce them to some of our blues, and see if they can be added blue as well - overall I expect quite eventful night to us, more so than previous nights to be honest.

You are silly person Kalim. Tell exactly what are you going to threaten me with? perhaps.. PVP? That would be the first. x)

Ro, your best friend.

Unfortunately, I was at work during all this, and unable to demonstrate to his "fleet" what an Agent of the New Order is capable of in PvP. When I returned I found another wordy missive in my inbox.

Well, mister Kalim.

I was very sad not to see you around this evening in Bereye. We had wonderful 10 man fleet with the Lunar shadow and I took the baby piranhas into nearby low sec. Unfortunately 10 people popping simultaniously into local tends to discourage most people from engaging in any PVP activity with your fleet, so we missed any kills - unless you can count giant secure container on asteroid belts as one,

The fleet was more of a symbolic gesture from our side to show those remaining LSMF members that they are not alone anymore, that there are people who who see new, young capsuleers as potential future members for alliance. I am willing to sacrifice my time to help these beaten up souls and my superiors are in agreement with my actions. It is not what these people are now, but what they will be some day.

Almost exactly six months ago I was brought before my current masters, afraid, confused, angry. I had been through the same process as lunar Shadow, only that our corporation was way smaller from begin with. I had reached a point in eve where it seemed there was nothing I could do in high sec without being attacked and I asked how I fight this? Who are these people who want to kill you for no other reason that they can? Why I was targeted for such harrasment? As I have grown as character, I have since begin to understand. That was a silly question from begin with. I have been in point where I did not understand, and because of it I can completely symphatize with LSMF and its members. While I understand, Kalim, why you do what you do, I certainly do not agree with your actions or motives.

I presented the current CEO, Vaatia915 to my superiors and his attitude made good impression to our leadership. I have been assigned to aid Lunar shadows in their early ventures to EVE and help them both learn and grow with our support.

Vaatia is right now very young, but given time he may grow into fine character and great leader. One thing is certain. His attitude and "not giving up" mentality is same level as mine and I really like this little fellow.

Since you have that nice blog you are writing, and you absolutely must reach a conclusion that appears like you archieved something - thing which I believe is your biggest concern. "How do I get out of this and make it look like I won?" -I can tell you this.

In near future I doupt LSMF will be mining in high sec. They will be mining with us in low and null. This is no part your doing though, but go ahead and claim it as your victory.

Our war will end in few moments. Since you have been quite silent and propably do not have time to reply to this before timer runs out, I will not declear the war mutual. However, I believe I can still at any point join the "fighting" by offering assistance to LSMF should you continue to harrass them.

There will be no payments, no ransoms, no other terms. Leave these guys alone and I will let this be.

I shall tell about this to no-one else than people who already know about it, and I suppose you get to keep your image relatively intact.

Have a nice evening, Kalim.


What I took away from this was mainly that Ro was an individual who, without actually belonging to any nullsec alliance, loved to threaten the wrath of his powerful nullsec alliance, which of course he couldn't even name. Then, of course, I read between the lines and saw that LSMF seemed to be contemplating a move out of highsec. Obviously, this was an excellent outcome - what better victory for the Code than encouraging a group of new players to seek out their own story in lawless space? However, I was somewhat skeptical of the source. I forwarded Ro and Vaatia (who had become CEO, as Aeris/Kirisaku had dropped out) the mail which I had sent to the previous CEOs of LSMF outlining my terms. Vaatia was the first to reply.

Re: FW: War
From: Vaatia915
Sent: 2014.06.18 01:15
To: Kalim Dabo,  

Dearest Kalim,

   If you wish to see this as a victory, go ahead. However, I regret to inform you that the move from highsec will not take place in the very near future. We have been invited to Nullsec Alliance and I have every intention of accepting their kind offer. But that doesn't mean we will never see each other again. I still want to come back and shove my railgun up your ass someday :) (not in a sexual way; that would be weird...).

   So, in conclusion. Farewell, for now, my sweet prince. But, don't you forget us. You've made a new enemy, and its always the little ones that grow up to be big and strong.

Chief Executive Officer
Lunar Shadow Mining and Freight

P.S. My bounty is bigger than yours *Giggity*

Again, things were moving in the right direction. However, I felt obligated to remind them that as long as they remained in high sec they would need to comply with the Code, and since they hadn't agreed to that, the war would need to continue. Soon I heard Ro's reaction.

Reaching conclusion.
From: Ro Fenrios
Sent: 2014.06.18 10:03
To: Kalim Dabo,  Vaatia915,  


To sum up the current situation here is the lastest:
-Lunar shadow has been brought in front our alliance leadership and they have agreed for long term plan to begin transforming this young corporation into null corp.

-To do the previous, LSMF will be required to increase their skills, for right now these fellows are not even past the basics.

-I will be helping these people to archieve the previously mentioned requirement.

-LSMF has been invited to 1 jump away from our territorial space and I have requested the local pirate groups in nearby low sec systems to also add these young players as blue to their list. Since I do not have authority over these groups, the nearby regions will be safe to them in varying decree.

-Lunar Shadow will still LIVE in high sec due to obvious reasons, but this is only to allow them to learn the game, do missions, buy stuff from trade hubs, etc etc.

-They will be MINING in low sec and later in null with our "aggressive" mining fleets and since I believe the mining in high sec part is what violates your "code" - these people are not doing anything wrong even by your books.

I am not sure was there writing error in Vaatia's post, but we shall see. This is the course of action I have proposed for the LSMF.

If you keep aggressing these fellows, I will simply keep responding. Now that they are closer to us, im sure they can quickly relocate themselves under our protection every time you come close to them and we dont have to make that horrid 20 jumps to reach them.

If your claim about CODE is true, that you only wish to "help" and "improve" players, you will let us take care of them from this day forth. You can go find yourself next corp to bully.


This fellow seemed amusingly sure of the efficacy of his "protection" of LSMF for someone who wouldn't even name the alliance he allegedly belonged to. I actually was tempted to continue the war just to see if he had any actual teeth at all, or was just another loudmouthed carebear threatening the wrath of "his powerful friends in null sec", as I still suspect. However, Ro Fenrios was in no actual position to negotiate on behalf of LSMF, and I soon reached a breakthrough with Vaatia915

Re: Re: Reaching conclusion.
From: Vaatia915
Sent: 2014.06.18 13:06
To: Kalim Dabo,  Ro Fenrios,  

If it will end this godforsaken war, I accept your terms.

Chief Executive Officer
Lunar Shadow Mining and Freight

Re: Reaching conclusion.
From: Kalim Dabo
Sent: 2014.06.18 12:13
To: Ro Fenrios,  Vaatia915,  

I am impressed with the progress made. However, all highsec systems remain subject to the Code, and so the war will continue until I am satisfied that my terms have been met. Since your corp is not actually a part of any nullsec alliance, nor have you mentioned which alliance you are allegedly affiliated with, everything you say about the matter is obviously going to be met with a degree of skepticism. 

However, I am willing to consider that you may actually be serious, so I will consider agreeing to a ceasefire if Vaatia will agree to confine all mining activities to lowsec, null, or wormholes, unless the pilots involved have valid permits and respect the Code. 

As a former CEO of a newbie friendly nullsec corporation, I can attest to the fact that there is no reason for LSMF to wait to leave highsec. I myself used to recruit new players on trial accounts and have them pod-jump directly out to Curse and start joining PvP fleets. It can be done. Indeed, nullsec alliances which do this - Goonswarm Federation, TEST, and Brave, have the highest rates of new player retention in the game. Incidentally, when last I checked, Brave is open to new corporations.



Having reached a diplomatic solution, I accepted the surrender of Lunar Shadow Mining and Freight. Soon after I was hailed by their original CEO, Kirisaku Nardieu.

[ 2014.06.18 01:19:49 ] Kirisaku Nardieu > I need to get mining again.
[ 2014.06.18 01:20:07 ] Kalim Dabo > would you like to buy a permit? :D
[ 2014.06.18 01:20:09 ] Kirisaku Nardieu > Can I keep it off my Bio for at least a few days?
[ 2014.06.18 01:20:37 ] Kalim Dabo > well
[ 2014.06.18 01:20:43 ] Kirisaku Nardieu > I'd like to maintain at least some of my honor
[ 2014.06.18 01:21:15 ] Kalim Dabo > i'll agree to leave you alone for a few days, but other agents may not
[ 2014.06.18 01:22:08 ] Kirisaku Nardieu > No promises needed. Do I get a permit number?
[ 2014.06.18 01:22:36 ] Kalim Dabo > send the isk and I'll send you the permit that you can copy/paste for your bio
[ 2014.06.18 01:22:48 ] Kalim Dabo > they aren't actually numbered
[ 2014.06.18 01:23:08 ] Kirisaku Nardieu > If I was doing it, I'd issue Permit Numbers. Makes for easier tracking.
[ 2014.06.18 01:23:12 ] Kalim Dabo > isk recieved
[ 2014.06.18 01:23:18 ] Kirisaku Nardieu > My record keeping is damn near military quality.
[ 2014.06.18 01:23:25 ] Kalim Dabo > hold on a minute
[ 2014.06.18 01:24:58 ] Kirisaku Nardieu > Maybe my anxiety disorder will die down again- I almost commited myself to the State Hospital because of you :P
[ 2014.06.18 01:28:04 ] Kalim Dabo > permit sent

If all goes according to plan, Lunar Shadow Mining and Freight will hold true to their treaty with the New Order and cease all Code violating activities in highsec, soon making the final move to a as-yet-nameless nullsec alliance. Their former CEO even wisely bent the knee and bought himself a mining permit for one year, which he proudly displays in his bio.

Of course, I will be carefully monitoring the situation to make sure that LSMF doesn't fall back into their criminal ways, but for now I am calling this a total victory for the Code. Later this evening I will parade back to the Forge in glory in my Stabber, waving to the adoring crowds which no doubt will be waiting to see me pass by, and then I will begin scouting the next rebel organization on my list.


  1. Replies
    1. And of course, congratulations on your success.

    2. Actually, I lied. None of those guys was a spy when I posted it. I was just messing with their minds. One of them became a spy later on, but I wouldn't burn him by revealing his identity. Anyway, in honor of all the people who participated, I'll be donating 100 million isk to the New Order, who will no doubt use it to make EVE a better game for all of us.

    3. Gutted... So wanted to be first :)

    4. Well, if none of them was a spy when you posted the come you have them?
      It's cool if you don't want to burn your spy, but don't take us for carebears without brains :)

    5. I did have a spy, obviously, but he was being quiet and observing. None of the guys in the chat was a spy at the time.

  2. huh, diplomatic resolution in eve. Excellent!

  3. I can't wait until I have time to play EVE again. It stressed me out like hell, but it was fun.
    ~Kirisaku Nardieu, Former CEO of LSMF