Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Real Kalim Dabo?

I returned from my brief vacation this week, and went back to the business of hunting New Trade Republic pilots in and around Nakugard. I was surprised to find that in spite of being at war and having lost an Orca to a safari last week, they had recruited several new members. Several of their old members had quit, and the rest seemed to be too terrified to undock with me online. Their cowardly "allies", Gekkostate., had abandoned them to their fate.

Hunting and killing
random screenshot
I saw that the NTR CEO, Oscuro Gancho, had replaced his Orca and was mining ice with his alt in
Barkrik, so I jumped over and warped to him. I was defeated by the fact that the warp to the ice anomaly was a solid 120AU, giving him enough time to align and get away. He docked up, and I went back to Hek and logged off. A short while later, my spies informed me that he had undocked a Skiff and headed back to the ice, so I tried again. Again he escaped me. This time I set a logon trap in the anom, but he was spooked and didn't try again.

Later on that day, I killed a few of the new members, who were the only guys willing to undock. I killed a Coveter and a Velator, and killed a fellow by the name of SterlinArcher Archer twice in Ventures, podding him once. Following the second encounter he convoed me several times, called me a "dickbag", then left the conversation.

After several false starts like this, finally he got around to telling me how he really felt.

[ 2014.02.05 04:23:35 ] Kalim Dabo > hello again
[ 2014.02.05 04:23:52 ] Kalim Dabo > i have come to love these little chats
[ 2014.02.05 04:23:53 ] SterlinArcher Archer > so how does it feel to be a bitch who messes with people with one day of experience
[ 2014.02.05 04:24:24 ] SterlinArcher Archer > i mena i think its funny as i have 20 billion in credits and 4 accounts but hey
[ 2014.02.05 04:24:24 ] Kalim Dabo > SterlinArcher Archer you are just a victim of your corpmates transgressions
[ 2014.02.05 04:24:42 ] Kalim Dabo > i'm not picking on you, per se
[ 2014.02.05 04:25:00 ] Kalim Dabo > or at least i wasn't until you opened your mouth :D
[ 2014.02.05 04:25:28 ] SterlinArcher Archer > dude u have no idea ... but hey thats ok u made my list and thats a fun list to be on
[ 2014.02.05 04:25:42 ] Kalim Dabo > that's great!
[ 2014.02.05 04:25:52 ] Kalim Dabo > here's an idea
[ 2014.02.05 04:26:20 ] Kalim Dabo > since you have 2 billion isk in "credits", why don't you just pay the ransom for your corp
[ 2014.02.05 04:26:28 ] SterlinArcher Archer > so let me ask this is your real life this small that u need to take pleasure in messing with people who might not know any better ... becuase thats means your just small a small man just kill yourself in real life
[ 2014.02.05 04:26:30 ] Kalim Dabo > it's only 300 mil atm
[ 2014.02.05 04:26:58 ] Kalim Dabo > my goodness, the mouth on you lol
[ 2014.02.05 04:27:12 ] SterlinArcher Archer > yeah can u tell im a cop in real life
[ 2014.02.05 04:27:37 ] Kalim Dabo > we have much to talk about then
[ 2014.02.05 04:27:55 ] Kalim Dabo > i'm a law enforcement officer in EVE Online
[ 2014.02.05 04:28:03 ] SterlinArcher Archer > i doubt it no real law enforcement person would be a bitch to pick on people with no experience
[ 2014.02.05 04:28:10 ] Kalim Dabo > i enforce the Code
[ 2014.02.05 04:28:22 ] Kalim Dabo > read up on it at
[ 2014.02.05 04:28:31 ] SterlinArcher Archer > we dont prey on the weak
[ 2014.02.05 04:28:44 ] Kalim Dabo > that's what started this war, your corpmates were shameless violators of the law
[ 2014.02.05 04:29:26 ] SterlinArcher Archer > dude i dont have any corp mates i do my things myself
[ 2014.02.05 04:30:26 ] SterlinArcher Archer > on and please post this on your blog u child molesting bitch
[ 2014.02.05 04:30:27 ] Kalim Dabo > you belong to a corporation of law-breakers, but i am willing to overlook that if you do the right thing and buy a mining permit for yourself, and agree to follow the Code
[ 2014.02.05 04:31:00 ] Kalim Dabo > and apologize for your disrespectful language to me publicly on the forums
[ 2014.02.05 04:31:08 ] SterlinArcher Archer > how about you buy my permit to stop being a little weak minded bitch
[ 2014.02.05 04:31:32 ] Kalim Dabo > i am sorry to see that you feel that way
[ 2014.02.05 04:31:41 ] SterlinArcher Archer > oh wait until u see the disrespect that hits the forums without mentioning your name
[ 2014.02.05 04:32:27 ] SterlinArcher Archer > i wanna call the real police in your state or country because you are obviously a child molester
[ 2014.02.05 04:32:30 ] Kalim Dabo > hopefully, one day you will understand the error of your ways, until then I'm afraid I'll have to keep blowing up your imaginary spaceships
[ 2014.02.05 04:33:08 ] SterlinArcher Archer > thats fine my other accounts pay for that fun i could care less have fun child molester
[ 2014.02.05 04:33:31 ] Kalim Dabo > have a nice day then :D
[ 2014.02.05 04:33:50 ] SterlinArcher Archer > yup bitch

The Real Kalim Dabo
This morning I logged on and didn't see any war targets online, so I was running a couple of errands when I received an unsolicited convo request from a character named TheReal KalimDabo KalimDabo. I got the impression that he was trying to "grief" me, but I can't help but think that imitation is the highest form of flattery.

[ 2014.02.05 15:47:32 ] Kalim Dabo > hello there
[ 2014.02.05 15:47:41 ] TheReal KalimDabo KalimDabo > hello u should check out my blog
[ 2014.02.05 15:47:43 ] Kalim Dabo > how may i be of service?
[ 2014.02.05 15:48:04 ] Kalim Dabo > sure, what's the link?
[ 2014.02.05 15:48:24 ] TheReal KalimDabo KalimDabo >
[ 2014.02.05 15:49:38 ] Kalim Dabo > blog not found :(
[ 2014.02.05 15:49:59 ] TheReal KalimDabo KalimDabo >
[ 2014.02.05 15:50:57 ] TheReal KalimDabo KalimDabo > im such a fan im very excited to follow your exploits
[ 2014.02.05 15:51:03 ] Kalim Dabo > these are some succulent tears you're crying, friend
[ 2014.02.05 15:51:23 ] Kalim Dabo > i just wonder what i did to deserve them
[ 2014.02.05 15:51:41 ] TheReal KalimDabo KalimDabo > no crying i was hired by some people
[ 2014.02.05 15:51:48 ] Kalim Dabo > just one suggestion
[ 2014.02.05 15:52:09 ] Kalim Dabo > don't use your real name in your blog profile

More Wars
I've been a bit disappointed with the low number of targets online, so I picked a random alliance called Rush Unlimited from the recruitment channel, got in their own channel to pump them for some intel, then offered them a choice - pay me 100 million isk or face a wardec. They chose wrong. An hour or so later, I find that they have hired some mercs to fight me. It will be interesting to see where that goes.

As I was making some preparations for that war, I got another notification. It turns out my secret admirer has a corp, and wants to fight. I suppose you will need to stay tuned to his blog to see how that one turns out.

The real Kalim Dabo founded the real Revolutionary Front. Stay tuned for details.


  1. Remember that one time this happened? -----> then you got camped into a station for several hours and it looked alot like this ------>

    1. Glad to see my in-game friends here as always. You guys managed to kill my Nearly Invincible Merlin, (good job there, btw, I can tell already that you are a higher class of WTs than NTR), but I can't say that I recall having been camped in any stations lately. Or ever, now that I think of it. Was that what you fellows were doing all afternoon while I was afk?

  2. just to make sure u understand a few things first im being paid to deal with you since u are the harrasser. second I love that u would post somebody calling u a child molester ..... and lastly ryankelso is not my real name but please see my blog at