Wednesday, January 29, 2014

War Report: NTR - Part 2

So my one man war against New Trade Republic for control of the ice fields of Nakugard has been going pretty well. I didn't plan to post an update so soon, since I've only been logging on for an hour or so each evening after work for the last few days, and today I get on a plane and head for warmer climes for my vacation. I didn't really intend to pursue my WTs until I got back. However, some times you just have to be an opportunist.

More Retrievers
For some reason, despite a number of lessons on the topic, NTR guys and their "allies"in GekkoState. still haven't figured out that it's a bad idea to get in a Retriever, wander 3-5 jumps from any possible assistance, and go mining while under wardec. It always ends in one predictable way. I had just logged on to check my skill queue the other day when my spies informed me this was happening again, and I felt obligated to go and do something about it.

Help from an Unexpected Friend
The next day, I was flying around running a few unrelated errands, when I received a convo request from a fellow Belligerent Undesirable. It seemed he had applied to and been accepted in New Trade Republic, in spite of being a somewhat EVE famous corp infiltrator. The convo was kind of confusing (because he was in the middle of murdering his corpmates and had his hands full, I soon found out.) The gist of it was that something was going down in Aderkan and that I should be there.

I flew that way, and found several NTR guys docked up one jump out in Ogoten. I wrongly assumed that this was where the action was, and tried to coax them out of the station. During the next few minutes, several more of them arrived and docked up, all flying pods. I thought this was curious, but am a bit slow to put things together sometimes. Then I decided to check what was going on in Aderkan. In the ice belt I found my BU comrade murdering an NTR Orca with a Gnosis in the midst of a field of wreckage.

[ 2014.01.28 01:44:03 ] Kalim Dabo > MrBlood Tivianne undock and come play
[ 2014.01.28 01:45:59 ] Kalim Dabo > Shonnyboy Solette your manhood and fight me
[ 2014.01.28 01:46:10 ] Kalim Dabo > locate your manhood lol
[ 2014.01.28 01:49:57 ] Kalim Dabo > undock cowards
[ 2014.01.28 01:51:27 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Aderkan
[ 2014.01.28 01:51:48 ] Lilkisco Omni > hey kalim, you are a big douche
[ 2014.01.28 01:52:03 ] Kalim Dabo > me?
[ 2014.01.28 01:52:08 ] Lilkisco Omni > yup
[ 2014.01.28 01:52:11 ] Kalim Dabo > what i do?
[ 2014.01.28 01:52:28 ] Lilkisco Omni > come kill my orca so you can get a raging hard on and stroke it by yourself in your grandmas basement
[ 2014.01.28 01:52:43 ] Kalim Dabo > omw
[ 2014.01.28 01:52:51 ] Kalim Dabo > sounds fun
[ 2014.01.28 01:52:55 ] Yuber Eightfold > pleaase dont shoot me
[ 2014.01.28 01:53:26 ] Lilkisco Omni > kill everyone kalim, they all said you liked it when you took it in the butt from them
[ 2014.01.28 01:53:56 ] Lilkisco Omni > the all powerful kalim
[ 2014.01.28 01:54:11 ] Lilkisco Omni > it would be funny if kalim stole the kill with a merlin after all the work you did yuber
[ 2014.01.28 01:54:57 ] Kalim Dabo > Yuber is a hero, it seems
[ 2014.01.28 01:55:07 ] Kalim Dabo > i wouldn't steal his kill
[ 2014.01.28 01:55:22 ] Lilkisco Omni > which one of you is the catcher?
[ 2014.01.28 01:55:54 ] Lilkisco Omni > I bet its Kalim, I doubt Yuber takes it from anyone
[ 2014.01.28 01:56:45 ] Lilkisco Omni > enjoy the gay sex on top of my wreck boys
[ 2014.01.28 01:57:41 ] Kalim Dabo > gf

It seemed that Lilkisco would need more lessons in politeness.

Reminder of Terms
The war is approaching one week old, so I thought it would be best to make contact with the NTR CEO once again and reiterate my extraordinarily reasonable terms. Yesterday I sent him and other concerned parties a quick message from my phone at work to remind them that they can opt to end this at any time. What reply did I get? Total silence. How rude.

Time to Get Serious
My gentle lessons in internet spaceship etiquette had obviously been falling on deaf ears. Up to this point I had been fighting the entire war in a Merlin, taking goodfights against superior numbers and larger ships, giving the WTs a fair shake by any standard.

When I logged in last night and saw an NTR ice mining fleet in Nakugard with 5 Skiffs and an Orca, I couldn't believe my eyes. How little respect these carebears have for me and the military might of the New Order. How little regard their CEO has for his members, even providing the Orca boosts himself. Obviously, it was time to get serious. No more dicking around in T1 frigates. A little shock and awe was called for.

I hopped into my Hurricane, warped to the ice anomaly, and pointed the Orca, then since I had thoughtfully fitted a second point, I tackled the nearest Skiff as well. The other Skiffs, bizarrely, engaged me with their drones and stayed on the field for some time, rather than going to get in combat ships. Their drones, however, couldn't put a scratch in my tank, and the cargo-fit Orca and Skiff went down quickly in a hail of auto cannon fire. The other Skiffs ran away and docked up before they could share the fate of their CEO and friend.

As I only had a moment to play, I went back to Hek. On the way I encountered a WT Thorax on the gate, and put it down quickly. His pod for some reason decided to slowboat to the gate rather than warping off, so I locked it up with agonizing slowness and put it out of it's misery too.

I know you guys are reading this. Accept the terms. Don't be fools. As an added offer of goodwill, after you pay the ransom and I drop the war, I will gladly sit down with you on teamspeak and tell you how you could have killed me in every significant engagement we had, and how to avoid being targets for this sort of thing in the future.

Accept the terms. They are the most reasonable offer to end a losing war that you will ever see.

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