Saturday, January 4, 2014

Progress in Boystin

Our small but growing group has been making progress in our ongoing community service project in Solitude. Today the system recieved a visit from a self described "white knight" and anti-New Order guy, Hitamino.

On this occasion, the belts were filled with code-compliant permit holding miners, having recently been cleansed by our noble Knights. See how they tell him where he can stick his "anti-ganking service".

[14:43:14] Loma Veria >   o7
[14:57:57] Kalim Dabo > o/
[15:03:55] Kim Niminen > hi
[15:18:25] H3donism Bot > gf
[15:19:18] H3donism Bot > Kill: Yves Thellere (Retriever)
[15:19:44] H3donism Bot > another illegal mining operation shut down by the brave Knights of the New Order
[15:20:18] H3donism Bot > interesting speed tank on that retriever...
[15:20:54] Yves Thellere > not really. just fell asleep. was at work all night. enjoy the loot. :)
[15:21:07] H3donism Bot > i will, thank you
[15:21:27] H3donism Bot > can i interest you in a mining permit to avoid future attacks?
[15:21:38] H3donism Bot > only 10 million isk for 1 year
[17:04:06] H3donism Bot > gf
[17:06:05] H3donism Bot > Kill: Darth Exodus Uc (Capsule) Kill: Darth Exodus Uc (Venture) This guy still hasn't learned that it's wrong to mine without a permit
[17:06:17] H3donism Bot > after yesterday... Kill: Darth Exodus Uc (Hulk)
[17:25:35] mamelee > got no respect for people who are buying a permit to mine in highsec. grow some balls miners !
[17:27:02] Jagatai > lol
[18:19:02] Loma Veria > Hitamino how may i help u?
[18:19:24] Hitamino > ?
[18:19:33] Hitamino > oh i see, this is your lot :p
[18:19:44] Hitamino > was just lookin about.  theres a known ganker in this system
[18:20:31] Axel Sparten > no ganker
[18:20:32] TigerXtrm > just one?
[18:20:39] TigerXtrm > lol
[18:20:39] Lome Veria > i see, thanks for the information
[18:20:41] Axel Sparten > ah ;-)
[18:20:46] Kyle Hargrove > More than one
[18:20:47] H3donism Bot > Loma Veria doesn't need to worry about gankers
[18:21:06] Hitamino > why's that?
[18:21:16] H3donism Bot > he is a law abiding miner who purchased a permit for each of his characters
[18:21:26] Hitamino > you paid this douche?
[18:21:35] Rurika Tsuri > say what?!
[18:21:40] Kyle Hargrove > More than one folk payed him, actually
[18:21:44] TigerXtrm > oh god -_-
[18:21:49] H3donism Bot > Kyle Hargrove true
[18:21:58] H3donism Bot > some here are wiser than others
[18:22:03] Hitamino > tha't's why he hangs about, because he knows you guys are gullible enough to pay him
[18:22:09] H3donism Bot > more sensible
[18:22:21] Hitamino > lol, sensible is to simply stop you being able to gank
[18:22:24] Lome Veria > so we should better pay u to "safe us"? :D
[18:22:24] Hitamino > which is easy
[18:22:37] Hitamino > i dont ever ask for payment for anything
[18:22:46] H3donism Bot > Hitamino the 10 mil fees are a drop in the bucket - just a symbolic gesture really
[18:23:01] hipotecadoydesgraciado > the italian mafia..
[18:23:03] Hitamino > they are support of a protection racket to a bunch of lowlifes
[18:23:16] TigerXtrm > /emote noms popcorn
[18:23:20] mamelee > thats the problem, i's symbolic
[18:23:23] Hitamino > you are some alt sitting around ganking people
[18:23:24] Kyle Hargrove > Yeah, that's how the mafia operates
[18:23:33] Kyle Hargrove > "Pizzo", in italian
[18:23:38] Hitamino > you gank people who pay too, making up random reasons
[18:23:48] H3donism Bot > Hitamino the fees aren't our means of support - charitable donations are
[18:23:52] Hitamino > gullible people that pay up only encourage you to do more
[18:24:12] H3donism Bot > so far over 170 billion in donations from well-wishers collected
[18:24:15] Hitamino > what they should do is what the rest of us do and tell you to fuck yourselves
[18:24:25] Hitamino > mmmhmmm
[18:25:28] H3donism Bot > speechless eh?
[18:25:28] mamelee > agree ! what is stopping him to ask for more whenever he wants
[18:25:51] Hitamino > nothing, new order guys do that all the time
[18:26:10] Hitamino > im surprised Loma Veria hasn;t be told about botlike behaviour yet
[18:26:21] Hitamino > any more that a couple of miners and they use that one
[18:26:29] Hitamino > or they tell you you didnt salute them or whatever
[18:26:43] Lomx Veria > :)
[18:26:49] Lomx Veria > cuz atm im not alone in this belt
[18:26:49] Hitamino > bunch of kids playing gangster, that's all they are lol
[18:26:54] Iaculus > nobody believes your slander Hitamino
[18:26:59] Lomx Veria > and i've talked long enough to H3donism Bot
[18:27:18] hipotecadoydesgraciado > another copy name from futurama
[18:27:46] Hitamino > anyway
[18:28:03] Hitamino > it seems theres no miners worthy of my white knighting here, so onwards and upwards
[18:28:26] Hitamino > continue to pay your little gangster buddy to stay in the area
[18:28:31] Iaculus > bybe bye then
[18:29:40] Rurika Tsuri > o7 fly safe
[18:34:35] hipotecadoydesgraciado > jion the yihad..
[18:37:13] mamelee > venite da me, vi faccio vedere io dove vi potete ficcare il vostro pizzo

At this rate, our work will soon be done here...

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