Saturday, January 11, 2014

A dead Mack and an irate wartarget on a tear about suicide ganking

Having achieved our objectives of bringing Solitude to 100% Code-compliance and annihilating all of our enemies there, the Revolutionary Front has deployed to Hek, to bravely confront the carebears of Metropolis. To this end, my alt hopped into Nakugard and executed a Mackinaw today.

[19:35:03] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Nakugard
[19:37:02] H3donism Bot > gf
[19:38:36] MinGornv > что это было Пух? (google translate: it was Pooh?)
[19:39:01] H3donism Bot > Kill: Rapid Firing (Mackinaw)
[19:39:24] H3donism Bot > another Code-violator brought to justice in Nakugard...
[19:39:50] Mystic Ben > wow, must have been a hard fight with that Small Shield Booster I
[19:40:00] H3donism Bot > Rapid Firing, it is customary to offer a "gf" in local following a PvP encounter
[19:40:09] H3donism Bot > it shows courtesy
[19:40:29] H3donism Bot > Mystic Ben, his tank was formidable, but I overcame
[19:41:15] H3donism Bot > because good always triumphs over evil
[19:41:26] SamJermy The2nd > what was the evil?
[19:41:30] Avensys > a bot hunting bot aspirants
[19:41:34] Avensys > what has this game come to...
[19:41:44] H3donism Bot > permitless mining in my territory
[19:41:50] Domnita Soim > H3donism Bot you are very sick
[19:41:52] SamJermy The2nd > wheres your territory?
[19:42:09] Domnita Soim > but you can serch for help yet
[19:42:09] H3donism Bot > every system of 0.5 or greater security
[19:42:30] Domnita Soim > maybe you have a chance :)
[19:42:36] Domnita Soim > still

Domnita Soim is the CEO of Portia Squad, who as near as I can tell is some kind of market hub camping white knight anti-ganking wardec corp. Not really sure what their game is - they wardecced us on our first day in Hek, apparently for talking in local about miner bumping. Since then they followed us around a bit, taught a couple of our newer members a valuable lesson about not afking at safe spots, and generally haven't affected our operations at all. Since most of our pilots are outlaws already, a wardec isn't the wisest way that our enemies can spend their 50 million isk, but they are welcome to it if it makes them feel better.

Since Domnita declared war, I hadn't had any occasion to speak to her until today. It seems that she was hanging out in Nakugard ranting in local about suicide ganking when I arrived in system. At first I thought that I had set her off, then I noticed that there were 15+ other guys in local who were blinking red, all of them with Russian bios, most belonging to null sec alliances.

[19:42:44] Avensys > permittless mining is still better than using bots
[19:43:02] H3donism Bot > Domnita Soim I assure you I feel fine, but thanks for your concern :D
[19:43:22] Domnita Soim > every nut say same thing
[19:43:40] sin tausong > lol
[19:43:47] Domnita Soim > you have been abused in childhood?
[19:43:58] Buck Knasty2012 > i hope so ^
[19:44:01] Domnita Soim > all your angry must come from somewere
[19:44:14] MinGornv > какое живое обсуждение началось :) (google translate :what a lively discussion started)
[19:44:38] Avensys > just report her, bots violate the eula
[19:44:41] Avensys > whether miner or ganker
[19:44:49] Domnita Soim >
[19:44:50] H3donism Bot > angry? it is a joy to play eve and engage other players in stimulating content. i am serene in my heart.
[19:44:55] vdiv > макинав убивать все равно что по астероидам стрелять (gt: makinav kill that still shoot asteroids)
[19:45:02] Aftermath Lekwar > why about 20 criminal in this local?
[19:45:12] Domnita Soim > i must admit they are so efficient that ccp may take measure soon...
[19:45:26] H3donism Bot > Avensys, yes, please report me for being a bot - the proof is in my name after all.
[19:45:45] H3donism Bot > Even GMs need a good laugh sometimes.
[19:45:51] Aftermath Lekwar > why soo many criminals here?
[19:45:55] Domnita Soim > they will destroy missioning soon :))
[19:45:57] MinGornv > да я смотрю постоянно прикрываются еулой стрелки по баржам, а сами втихаря так же копают :) (gt: yes I look constantly hide behind euloy arrows barges, and themselves as well sly dig)
[19:45:59] Avensys > you even admit to it
[19:47:32] FauztX > что-то я на борде ни одной баржи не вижу. у кого-то болит за потерянный халк? (gt: something I'm on the board or one barge can not see. someone hurts for lost hulk?)
[19:47:52] Domnita Soim > for about 100 mil worth of ships they destroyed 30 billions
[19:47:57] Culex Mozg > NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO
[19:47:59] Domnita Soim > or more
[19:48:25] vdiv > ага pvp с майнерами. - pvm - player via miner (gt: Aga pvp with maynerami)
[19:48:29] Artem Ice > 300 billions!
[19:48:29] Domnita Soim > i will post this on eve forum
[19:48:37] H3donism Bot > Domnita Soim thats because we are elite PvPers who can't be defeated in battle
[19:48:54] H3donism Bot > :D
[19:48:59] Domnita Soim > in the end will be so many who will do it that ccp will NEED to nerf suicide gankink :)
[19:49:06] Buck Knasty2012 > hahahaha go to low or null and try saying that
[19:49:25] sin tausong > i dont think elite PvPers suicide gank
[19:49:27] Domnita Soim > ignore him, he still refuse to take any medication
[19:49:55] H3donism Bot > Domnita Soim hey now, nobody said anything about medication...what have you got?
[19:50:09] Domnita Soim > aspirine
[19:50:11] Domnita Soim > :))
[19:50:28] Domnita Soim >

A quick look at the battleclinic link that Domnita was angrily spamming in local revealed that these
happy Russian fellows had been on a suicide ganking binge, targeting the local mission running population in the area, and very effectively killing them with large numbers of Thrashers. I suddenly realized that I was in the presence of true heroes.

[19:50:40] Domnita Soim > this show something is wrong :)
[19:50:55] Domnita Soim > with game mechanics
[19:51:07] Mystic Ben > every time I hear "elite pvp" it's in connection with "I rape you together with my 10 dudes"
[19:51:12] H3donism Bot > Megamaks T44 is a hero
[19:51:37] H3donism Bot > somebody needs to keep mission-runners under control
[19:51:58] Domnita Soim > so enjoy how long you can crazzy russians, is like in nature, if a predator is to effective he will end dieing together with his preys....
[19:51:59] sin tausong > hero's are people that take on more than 1 ship with only one ship not the other way around
[19:52:08] H3donism Bot > look at the ships some of those people are running around in!
[19:52:09] Prime Chaos > lol
[19:52:15] Prime Chaos > space bushido way
[19:56:10] H3donism Bot > Domnita Soim maybe you should wardec these troublesome russians if you have such a problem with them

Will Domnita post a rage-thread about ganking in the EVE Online forums, as s/he has promised? Will CCP be convinced to "finally nerf suicide ganking" as a result of the compelling arguments that s/he presents? Will the heroes of Mother Russia be defeated by Domnita's clever meta-gaming tactics? Only time will tell...

Edit: Domnita started her thread.

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