Monday, December 23, 2013

Revolutionary Front is recruiting!

Apologies in advance to my readers for the shameless recruitment ad that follows. Feel free to skip this one, or flame me in the comments, or put a bounty on my head (hopefully in-game).

I continue to recieve mails from new players who have read my Newbie's Handbook for Evil Shenanigans and are looking for help to get into the pirate lifestyle. It has been some time since I disbanded Revolutionary Front, formerly the greatest new player friendly pirate corp in EVE. In that time I've gotten over most of my CEO burnout, reflected a lot over the lessons that I learned, and I am now at the point where I am ready to give this another try.

Who am I looking for?
RVFRO is looking for players who are ready and willing participate in corporate projects and who can make their own fun without having their hands held. Newbies and older players are all welcome, and people who want to FC or instigate group activities are most welcome indeed. Recruitment is fairly open, there are no SP limits, we don't generally require any API. The catch is that we may ask you to carry out some evil mission to prove your compatability with our core values.

We are all adults here who have families and lives outside of the game, so you may find yourself more or less alone in corp chat part of the time. You can use these opportunities to hang out with our New Order comrades or to enjoy aspects of the game outside of our core activities. I don't really give a crap if you want to mine or run missions, EVE is a big game and has lots of things to try, go ahead and do what you want. If you lose an expensive ship doing something silly we will just laugh at you for a little while then forget about it.

What sort of things will we be doing?

The Supreme Protector and Spiritual
Father of our Movement

James 315, the spiritual father of our movement, developed and perfected the art of bumping miners out of range in order to enforce the Code and collect mining permit fees. You too can enjoy this simple and engaging activity in highsec. Every member of Revolutionary Front is a registered Agent of the New Order, and we patrol our active regions diligently to ensure compliance with the Code. A mining permit is 10 million isk for one year, and in the course of selling them you can expect all sorts of amusing hijinks from uncooperative miners. To learn the details, and gain a deeper level of insight as to what this corporation is all about, visit

*Suicide Ganking
There is nothing quite like warping in on some unsuspecting carebear and immolating their favorite ship in a hail of antimatter. Sometimes a gentle bump isn't enough to compel a miner to buy a permit. Sometimes you need some isk and see somebody autopiloting around with a valuable cargo. Sometimes you just want to murder somebody for a laugh. Suicide ganking is hilarious good fun and highly addictive. I strongly recommend that all RVFRO members train a dedicated ganking alt so they can continue to do this without interfering with other highsec activities.

*Ninja Looting
We live off the blood and sweat of others in highsec. Ninja looting is one of our most reliable sources of income - we scan down people running missions and steal all their hard-earned treasure. In doing so, we suspect flag ourselves, meaning that we can be attacked by anybody. Often the foolish carebears, angry about their loot, decide to shoot at us. Which is wonderful, because it means that we can shoot back, and their expensive missioning ship then becomes ours. The key to our success in this is that we all live in the same area and that everybody keeps a logi (healer) ship ready at all times to help out their comrades.

*Solo and Small Gang PvP
Sometimes you just have to head out into low/nullsec and find something to kill, either alone or with friends. Serving the community in highsec as we do is good fun, but goodfights are nice too.

*Other Business
Whether we are enforcing the Code or working towards our own interests, sometimes we find that unconventional tactics are needed. As an initiated member of the Revolutionary Front, you will find that all options not specifically forbidden by the EULA or ToS are available to you. Wardecs, corporate infiltration, reverse AWOXing, scamming, etc are all tools that we can use as the situation requires.

How do I apply?
If you are not already familiar with the New Order, surf to and educate yourself. If you are still interested, then join our in-game chat channel - Revolution! and send an EVE mail to Haedonism Bot to show your interest. I'll be in touch with you soon to discuss whether you are a good fit and how you can demonstrate your commitment to the cause.

If you are very new, we'd love to have you in our corp, but there are a few things you should do before you join us. First, finish the tutorials. Second, go to the EVE University website and get your overview set up properly. Then contact me.

Bear in mind that while this is a newbie friendly corporation, it is not exactly a training corporation. In this corp you can feel free to try new things, fail in hilarious fashion, learn from your mistakes, and try again - just don't expect a lot of instruction in basic game mechanics (unless we manage to recruit people who want to teach). For that sort of thing I encourage you to take public classes at E-Uni and check out all the information available on the internet.

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