Sunday, November 24, 2013

Classic EVE Videos

I've been to busy over the last few days (and likely will be for the next couple days) to actually log in and attempt to murder any mission runners. So sad...

But anyway, I've been enjoying some classic videos from the good old days of EVE during my lunch breaks at work, and I figured I would share a few of them with you.

The Dominix - A Documentary
Made way back in 2006 by Ebedar. This is probably the greatest EVE video ever made. I wasn't able to find this one anywhere on the Youtubes, so I uploaded it myself as a service to the community. Pull up a chair, smoke a doobie, do whatever you need to do, and enjoy.

New Order of Highsec: A Journey Begins
Ok, this one is pretty new, but I know an instant classic when I find it. You can find this and other great videos at

Karma - A Story of Revenge
Sorry, the quality isn't perfect, but enjoy this gripping story from 2007. In those days people who got scammed in Jita occasionally chose not to whine-post on the forums, but rather to take revenge on the scammers.

Glorious Martyrdom of Armageddon in Kiskoken
Watch as fmercury annihilates a mining fleet with a smartbombing Armageddon, dropping to -10 sec status in a matter of seconds. Listen to the voices of his victims on Teamspeak. Ah, the good old days. This one was made in 2009.

Permaband - HTFU
Who can forget this great video from 2009. Let this serve to remind all of us that CCP used to be cool.

Feed me more videos!
Surely I haven't found all the greatest hits yet. Share your links with me. Just remember the basic principles of what makes a great EVE video - first, it should not just be a recording of a PvP encounter (these are usually fun to watch if you were there, but boring otherwise), second - it should not be propaganda for some alliance I don't give a shit about (unless it is clever/funny enough to be appreciated anyway), and third, no tutorials (good if you are trying to learn something specific, boring otherwise).

Have a glorious day and Happy Thanksgiving!

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