Friday, June 21, 2013

RVFRO - Pillar of the Community

Our ongoing efforts to reform our corporation, to transform it from a bloodthirsty pirate gang to a humble highsec mining corporation, have continued despite many unforeseen challenges. As of the time of this post, we still do not have any members who actually mine. We have recruited a number of miners, but to my shock and dismay, not one of them has turned out to operate according to the New Halaima Code of Conduct.

Some days I wonder if we should include something like "This corporation supports James 315 and expects all members to be 100% Code compliant" in our corp advert. Then I think, " should be self evident, there should be no need to clarify that before accepting an application. We operate in high sec, therefore we must live by the Code." So we will continue to hold our members individually accountable, and to take corrective actions internally when the need arises, so as to not become a burden of extra work for the tireless volunteers who serve as Knights of the New Order. I am confident that we will be a stronger mining corp in the long run because of it.

Here is a brief review of some of the more flagrant Code violators who passed briefly through our corporation recently before we were forced to punish them. All of these individuals then refused my generous offer to allow them to purchase a mining permit and get back to work, forcing me to boot them. Let this be a resource to any CEOs out there wishing to recruit miners, should these unsavory fellows come knocking at your door.

This miscreant was supposed to be the shining hope of our alliance to expand into the Australian timezone. He is a well experienced and highly skilled miner/industrialist who flies exhumers, Orcas, and freighters, and had an extensive collection of BPOs in his possession. Fortunately, our corporate police officer,  none other than my alt Kalim Dabo, caught wind of his intentions to mine without a permit in our home system, and was able to intercept him en route and confiscate/destroy his mining equipment and illicit BPO library, as well as, apparently, all of the rest of his possessions.
Note the position of the scroll bar

We have contacted ANZQ with our standard offer to allow him to make amends and rejoin our corp with a mining permit, but as of yet we have heard no reply, and can only assume the worst - that he is unrepentant of his many crimes against asteroids.

Here is a z-killboard link so you all can fully appreciate the cargo of that freighter.

snowman Sharpie
Never let it be said that we aren't a new player friendly corporation. This scumbag was invited into our corporation despite being a mere three weeks old in the game. We sheltered him, nurtured him, and gave him friendly advice, and he still had the nerve to show up at a mining operation without a permit. The consequences were dire for his Retriever.

He didn't deserve it, but we gave him the opportunity to witness one of our corp members looting and salvaging his wreck while we held his pod tackled in the asteroid belt, giving him the satisfaction of knowing that the remains of his equipment would be going to a good cause before he was podded. He responded with a distinct lack of gratitude, typical of non-Code compliant miners.

[ 2013.06.12 22:05:39 ] snowman Sharpie > ok im ready. where are you guys again?
[ 2013.06.12 22:06:16 ] Invisible Dog > Hirizan
[ 2013.06.12 22:06:30 ] snowman Sharpie > 18 jump away
[ 2013.06.12 22:07:03 ] Invisible Dog > we'll be hare when you arrive :D should be more logging on soon too
[ 2013.06.12 22:08:22 ] snowman Sharpie > cool i have a class in about 40 min
[ 2013.06.12 22:09:38 ] Invisible Dog > k
[ 2013.06.12 22:34:08 ] snowman Sharpie > im here
[ 2013.06.12 22:34:36 ] Kalim Dabo > cool
[ 2013.06.12 22:36:00 ] Kalim Dabo > 25 million or the retriever dies
[ 2013.06.12 22:37:11 ] Kalim Dabo > i'm going to take your shields down a bit - don't be alarmed
[ 2013.06.12 22:37:12 ] snowman Sharpie > me?
[ 2013.06.12 22:37:18 ] Kalim Dabo > yes :D
[ 2013.06.12 22:37:31 ] Kalim Dabo > turns out... I'm actually a pirate
[ 2013.06.12 22:37:40 ] snowman Sharpie > ok ok
[ 2013.06.12 22:37:52 ] Kalim Dabo > 25 mil
[ 2013.06.12 22:37:55 ] Kalim Dabo > 9
[ 2013.06.12 22:37:57 ] Kalim Dabo > 8
[ 2013.06.12 22:37:58 ] Kalim Dabo > 7
[ 2013.06.12 22:38:00 ] Kalim Dabo > 6
[ 2013.06.12 22:38:02 ] Kalim Dabo > 5
[ 2013.06.12 22:38:04 ] Kalim Dabo > 4
[ 2013.06.12 22:38:06 ] Kalim Dabo > 3
[ 2013.06.12 22:38:22 ] Kalim Dabo > one moment...
[ 2013.06.12 22:38:43 ] Kalim Dabo > SUDDENLY BETRAYAL!!!
[ 2013.06.12 22:39:46 ] Kalim Dabo > ok, now that that is done, let's talk about how much your pod is worth ;)
[ 2013.06.12 22:40:02 ] Kalim Dabo > say....30 million?
[ 2013.06.12 22:40:34 ] snowman Sharpie > eat a dick?
[ 2013.06.12 22:40:57 ] Kalim Dabo > now that isn't very nice :(
[ 2013.06.12 22:41:14 ] Kalim Dabo > tell you what
[ 2013.06.12 22:41:21 ] snowman Sharpie > fuck off mate

After leaving our corporation in disgrace, snowman embarked on a campaign of intimidation against us. He would wait until one of our pilots logged in, open a convo, and say something like "fuck you," then close the convo before we could attempt to reason with him, and twice he placed bounties of 1 million isk each on our members, forcing them to fly in fear for their lives as would-be gankers in the system stare at them with greedy eyeballs. He too, refused all efforts to bring him to the light of the Code.

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