Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Turning Over a New Leaf

The Revolutionary Front is turning over a new leaf. We are giving up our pirating, ninjaing, ganking and generally evil ways, and re-establishing ourselves as a humble mining corporation in highsec. Yes, that's right, a mining corporation. Seriously.

Of course, I do not actually mine. Somebody has to supervise, after all. Nor do the diehard remnants of our corporation, still hanging on from our heyday as the premier new-player-oriented piracy corporation in EVE Online. But we plan on recruiting miners, lots of miners, as well as Orca and freighter pilots, and nurturing them to become a great industrial empire.

Of course, it goes without saying that we hold our miners responsible on an individual level for mining in strict compliance with the New Halaima Code of Conduct, and we are ready to take action to chastise them when they stray from the Code. If we are going to be a mining corporation then we will accept nothing less than to be a model of virtue and integrity.

New Recruit: Blake Phosphor
Not long after putting up this advert, I found an application in my inbox from one Blake Phosphor. A quick check into his history revealed that he was a fellow EVE University alumnus, so I made haste to accept him and to make him feel welcome in our corporation.

You can imagine how betrayed we all felt when Blake showed up at our first corporate mining operation without a permit, or a statement of support for James 315 in his bio. We had no choice but to punish him. My alt, Kalim Dabo, recently returned from a stint with Brave Newbies Inc, was assigned the task. He boarded his trusty Harpy, warped to Blake in space, warp scrambled him, and blasted his two Hobgoblin IIs. About this time Mr. Phosphor noticed that something unexpected was happening.

[ 2013.05.28 23:14:06 ] Blake Phosphor > Why are you shooting me?
[ 2013.05.28 23:14:11 ] Kalim Dabo > 100 million or the mackinaw dies
[ 2013.05.28 23:14:26 ] Kalim Dabo > oh yeah, I'm a pirate :D
[ 2013.05.28 23:14:38 ] Blake Phosphor > ...0.o against your own corp?
[ 2013.05.28 23:14:50 ] Kalim Dabo > heh...yeah
[ 2013.05.28 23:14:59 ] Blake Phosphor > That a bad idea
[ 2013.05.28 23:15:10 ] Kalim Dabo > works quite well, actually
[ 2013.05.28 23:15:14 ] Blake Phosphor > I seee
[ 2013.05.28 23:15:29 ] Kalim Dabo > i always honor ransoms, don't worry about that
[ 2013.05.28 23:16:05 ] Kalim Dabo > i'm going to take your shields down a bit, don't be alarmed
[ 2013.05.28 23:16:33 ] Blake Phosphor > hmmmm
[ 2013.05.28 23:16:46 ] Kalim Dabo > ok, how about that isk?
[ 2013.05.28 23:16:57 ] Blake Phosphor > how can I be sure youll honor it?
[ 2013.05.28 23:16:59 ] Kalim Dabo > too much, make an offer
[ 2013.05.28 23:17:20 ] Blake Phosphor > Im guessing your not a miner?
[ 2013.05.28 23:17:26 ] Kalim Dabo > me, no
[ 2013.05.28 23:17:31 ] Blake Phosphor > I see
[ 2013.05.28 23:17:45 ] Blake Phosphor > 50m
[ 2013.05.28 23:17:58 ] Kalim Dabo > 75
[ 2013.05.28 23:18:16 ] Blake Phosphor > deal
[ 2013.05.28 23:18:20 ] Kalim Dabo > cool
[ 2013.05.28 23:18:32 ] Kalim Dabo > SUDDENLY BETRAYAL!

[ 2013.05.28 23:18:48 ] Blake Phosphor > yaaaa i figured
[ 2013.05.28 23:19:04 ] Kalim Dabo > hehe, sorry
[ 2013.05.28 23:20:14 ] Kalim Dabo > have a glorious day!

Then one of our corp-members thoughtfully salvaged the wreck (intact armor plates, woohoo!), and we camped Blake in station for five minutes or so, and killed him again when he undocked in a Rifter, then podded him. Total profit - 75 million in "ransom", plus another 75 million or so in loot and salvage, all for a few minutes of work. Maybe all those other highsec mining corps are onto something, the isk/hour  is turning out to be better than I thought.

I offered Blake the opportunity to purchase a mining permit and get back to work, but he rather rudely declined and dropped corp. Perhaps it is for the best, but the loss of Blake has left us, once again, a mining corp without a miner. And the saga continues...

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