Friday, May 10, 2013

2 Hulks, a Retriever, and an Ibis - Part 2: A Scout's Revenge

This will be brief.

I had to follow up on my last post to mention that today my scout got his revenge on the criminal Ibis pilot, Lard Jadise, who attempted to gank him yesterday. This character was basically a hauler alt and decoy miner, with only minimal combat skills, but he was at least able to fit out a Rifter, and decided to execute his killright himself, rather than outsourcing it.

When he noticed that Lord Jadise was online and back in Nakugard, he took his Rifter and went out hunting. He started by warping to the first asteroid belt while he checked dscan at max range and 360 degrees. Sure enough, "Lord Jadise's Hulk" was right on there, and when he landed in the top belt, he learned that he would need to look no further - the rebel was right there, within warp disruptor range. The results were predictable but nonetheless satisfying.

As an added bonus, Dog was able to obtain 100 million isk in ransom before carrying out the rebel's sentence. Also, the fellow's corpmates warped in and served as an audience for the whole thing in some formidable looking combat ships. Unfortunately, they didn't attempt a gank, and would have failed if they had, as some charitable individual had already spawned CONCORD in the belt.

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