Thursday, March 21, 2013

Psychotic Monk for CSM8

James 315 drops out of the race for CSM8
Ok, basically I have absolutely no interest in video game politics. We all know that the CSM is a joke, and has no actual authority. They are just CCPs increasingly cynical effort to pacify the long-term player base. However, the winners of the CSM election can constitute a sort of moral victory for the play style that they represent. Maybe somebody with decision making authority at CCP will even take some small notice of them as something other than a novelty (probably not). Anyway, we, as players, certainly place a lot of importance on them, and we like to award people we like with free trips to Iceland.

My point is, James 315 just dropped out of the CSM race for very good, very valid reasons. While he has the admiration of almost everybody who plays EVE, and was practically guaranteed a win, he chose not to accept having his voice silenced by non-disclosure agreements as a condition of his ticket to Iceland. I salute his courage and respect his humility.

In the meantime, only one serious candidate remains in the election who represents highsec PvP and piracy. As those who engage in ninja looting, suicide ganking, wardeccing, AWOXing, "griefing", and  generally every form of non-consensual PvP that happens in high security space, we have only one candidate for CSM who represents us. That person is Psychotic Monk, blogger and co-founder of the Belligerent Undesirables movement.

Vote Psychotic Monk for CSM8
Whether you are a highsec "griefer" yourself, or a lowsec or nullsec or wormhole veteran who cut his EVE teeth canflipping or ninja salvaging, I would urge you to vote for Monk. If you are part of a nullsec bloc putting up it's own candidates, you can rest assured that your own player base will, as always, be well represented even if you should choose to vote for Monk over your own candidates.

Yes, the CSM is a joke, and it doesn't really matter in any meaningful way who wins and who loses, but sometimes winning for the sake of winning is important. Don't let the carebears win. Vote for Psychotic Monk.

This concludes the first and probably last political post that you will ever see on this blog (until the time comes for me to run for my own free Iceland vacation).

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