Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 1 of the Revolution

I started playing EVE in the spring of 2011. It was the first MMO I ever played, and sucked me in like no video game ever has. Initially I was overwhelmed a bit by the enormity and complexity of the game. I tried my hand at mining, hauling, exploration, and other pursuits in high security space, never really finding my niche. I was can-flipped in a belt in my noob-system and tried to come back and kill the offender, and got my first harsh dose of PvP when he handily popped my failfit Thrasher with his Punisher.

In those early days I joined EVE University, and slowly began to make a little sense of the mad sandbox. It all washed over me, month by month. The great empires carving up nullsec between themselves, blueing everyone who poses a threat to themselves, and destroying their smaller, weaker rivals. The market-hub griefers who terrorize new players, then dock up and hide at the first sign of danger to themselves. The cowards who hide in highsec behind the shield of CONCORD, and try to convice you that nullsec, lowsec, and wormholes are deathtraps where only evil people live, and only foolish people visit.

Each day that I roamed the stars of New Eden, the hate grew a little more inside of me. This galaxy was is in need of change. Not CCP driven change to the game content, but player-driven change. A new force needs to be established. But how? And who will drive this change? I thought that surely it would be beyond any one player at this stage in the evolution of the game to step up and significantly disrupt the status quo. I struggled with the question of whether I would even want to take up the challenge. Wouldn't I rather just spend all my days in EVE minding my own business, roaming around looking for fights? The nay-sayers had even affected me, after every lesson I had learned in my time here. Lesson #1 that every new player in EVE should be taught is that anyone who says,"You can't..." or "You shouldn't..." is either a coward or an idiot.

I felt that I needed to learn more before I made my move. So I created a legion of alts and sent them to many different corners of New Eden, to gather information and learn the game. I still have more to learn about many things, I still don't really know what I am doing, but the shadow of a plan has begun to form in my mind. I expect it to take years and years to get where I want to be, to where the entire universe has been converted to yellow triangles, and I fly alone through the ashes until CCP declares EVE is irrevocably broken and destroyed, and Haedonism Bot is the winner.

So today, I have hoisted the flag of war. I, Haedonism Bot, am the one and only member of the new Revolutionary Front. Soon I will invite some of my alts in to lead fleets and help with early logistics. First order of business - get friends. If I am going to stand any chance of being successful, I will need to recruit a large number of people. My thinking is to open recruiting wide, lure some of my friends from other corporations in to form an inner circle, and use a massive propaganda campaign to attract members new and old. At first I expect to take almost anyone who wants to join, train the new guys to PvP, and separate the wheat from the chaff as we go along. The main priority is just to get a large number of bodies in spaceships, and get them out there killing people for the glory of the revolution.

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